Blogland to celebrate "First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day"

A Seattle cartoonist has touched off a big netroots wave by declaring May 20th to be the "First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day".

The Blogland will celebrate this occasion by sharing drawings submitted by our readers - or their kids - or by their pets. So get to drawing!

Or you can stick your heads in the sand and be a coward, like these folks.

4 Response to "Blogland to celebrate "First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day""

  1. Chris 29/4/10 09:50
    Earl, it is an expression of thought. It's perfectly legal in America. Are you aware of what radical Muslims are doing to our country in the name of "expression of free thought" and the like? They use our own laws to further their disgusting agenda. I say have fun with your cartoon - you're a creative guy. I am sure you could come up with something good.
  2. Anonymous 29/4/10 19:32
    Earl--draw some camel **** and you would have the perfect rendering that would be sure to piss of every Muslim...teg
  3. Anonymous 30/4/10 10:16
    Ooooh drat, I made a perfect picture of Mohammed and did what I usually do with that paper... flushed it.

    Ought to do the same with the P&C and Pradva on tha' Congaree, but it clogs the plumbing
  4. mg 1/5/10 11:17
    I will enter.

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