GO Nukes!

In their ruling in support of the decision by the South Carolina Public Service Commission to allow the construction of two additional nuclear power reactors at the V.C. Summer nuclear power plant in Fairfield County. The court ruled that:

“At the end of the day, the commission, in a very thorough and reasoned order, determined SCE&G has appropriately established a need for the facility, and thereafter approved SCE&G’s proposed rate increases as reasonable costs to be passed on to the customers for the construction of the facility.”

It's worth nothing that some of those working against this were also opposed to the now-abandoned Santee-Cooper coal-fired power plant in Florence County, arguing the emissions of carbon and mercury presented a threat to the environment of South Carolina.

While it would seem logical that the construction of a nuclear power plant which emits only steam, using naturally-occuring uranium, would have been a more desirable option for these groups, it was apparent that logic and reason, as well as the need to provide for affordable electricity for the people and businesses of South Carolina, is not a concern of these radical groups.

Fortunately for the people of South Carolina, these issues were indeed a concern of the state's Supremes, whose ruling put people over extremist politics, for which the Blogland is grateful.

3 Response to "GO Nukes!"

  1. Anonymous 27/4/10 11:18
    Maybe they put the rule of law over considerations of people or politics
  2. west_rhino 28/4/10 09:48
    Well, more nukes would allow us to put to use the >500 Million tons of yellow cake uranium that "Sadam didn't have" that AP grudgingly reported having arrived via Canada. Ditto several hnudred tons of weapons grade uranium that came into Oak Ridge, bought from "the former Soviet Union" during the Clinton regieme (someone did at least one thing right then).

    Now, to make up for the Carter era perpetuation of reconstruction and the blocking of Allied General Nuclear Services and thirty years of additional high paying jobs in impoverished Allendale county...
  3. west_rhino 28/4/10 09:54
    And PS, to the end of concerns about mercury and the Santee Cooper plant, the same hypocites opposing it are in favor of exposing our children to the mercury in CFLs, though allies in the personal injury business are probably planning those strategies to sue CFL manufacturers for direct and teratogenic effects of heavy metal (sorry Earl) toxicity from a broken CFL.

    Probably a marxist conspiracy between Bill Ayers, George Soros and Adam Weishaupt... call Fox Mulder.

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