The High Road, Low Road, and Bob Inglis

For a long time, Congressman Bob Inglis was well-known for being upbeat and philosophical in his campaigns, as well as discussing issues before Congress. Given this image, it seems odd that his campaign would choose such campaign tactics as filing ethics charges against Spartanburg Solicitor Trey Gowdy, one of Inglis' challengers in the June GOP primary, instead of simply running on Inglis’s record and discussing issues:

Spartanburg prosecutor and congressional candidate Trey Gowdy wants rival U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis of Greenville to reimburse taxpayers for the cost of a State Ethics Commission investigation into Gowdy’s campaign finances that found no wrongdoing.

While it may be surprising to see Inglis take this approach to handling Gowdy, it’s not surprising that Gowdy has drawn the attention of the Inglis campaign. Unlike most of Inglis’s past opponents, Gowdy’s both well-known and well-liked in Upstate politics, ever since he ousted an incumbent Solicitor several years ago. That’s the kind of challenger any incumbent would be wise to take seriously.

The long-cultivated image of Inglis taking the figurative high road has been tarnished by his campaign’s decision to take the low road. For Bob Inglis to opt for the low road instead of the high road suggest either he's not the same guy he used to be or he's worried about his re-election prospects - or both.

Inglis' critics have often accused him of not being the same person politically and that too much time in Washington had changed him. Low-road tactics which aim to tear down his challengers get away from his usual constructive campaign messages, helping prove to voters that he has indeed changed.

2 Response to "The High Road, Low Road, and Bob Inglis"

  1. Anonymous 7/4/10 15:46
    Bob will pull it out.
  2. Anonymous 5/5/10 00:52
    Bob Inglis has always taken the high road and stays in tune with the issues. Seems like lately his opposition has attacked him for being too meek. It's a positive thing to see Inglis proactively campaigning. He's more responsive to the people and the message they need to hear than he has ever been. I've looked at his voting record, and it's strong. He is our conservative - a thoughtful and kind conservative. Let's allow him to campaign (sometimes they aren't as calm as funeral services) and remind us of who he is - and who his opponents aren't. Inglis has always stood tall to represent the 4th Dist. He deserves our trust.

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