Hot dogs and 'cue with Paul Thurmond

As rainclouds held off, a crowd gathered a stone's throw from the railorad tracks in downtown Moncks Corner for barbeque, hot dogs and a heapin' helping of politics, served up by GOP congressional candidate Paul Thurmond and his Berkeley County supporters.

Thurmond's address was short and to the point (showing he paid attention in his public speaking class), calling for a "new generation of leadership". He was joined by several of his key Berkeley County endorsees: Sheriff Wayne Dewitt, Coroner Glenn Rhoad, and Clerk of Court Mary Brown.

Henry Brown's winning strategy for the First District seat in 2000 had control of Berkeley County as one of its key objectives, which it accomplished overwhelmingly. In watching this event, it's clear the Thurmond campaign is determined to take the Berkeley vote seriously.

Our thanks to Paul and his supporters for their hospitality this evening.

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