Is Bolchoz really running for Attorney General?

This year's race to fill the Attorney General's office seems to be about as active as GOP primary contests in 1994 and 2002. In both years, these races went into run-offs, where the more active candidates faced off for the nomination, making it critical to be one of the two candidates who are waging serious campaigns for the office

This year, Republicans Robert Bolchoz, Leighton Lord and Alan Wilson are contesting the nomination, but the latest results from campaign disclosures caution that Bolchoz' candidacy may be running out of steam.

Bolchoz' fundraising has slowed down considerably entering the spring, when most campaigns are seeing fundraising efforts ramp up. According to the April campaigin finance disclosures, the Bolchoz campaign's efforts seem to have slowed down since January, with only $118,236 in new disclosures reported, with total of $286,528 raised since he started his campaign.

With a record as a former state and federal prosecutor who'd worked under former Attorney General Charlie Condon before going into private practice, a lot of politcal observers felt he had a good chance to be a major player in the GOP race. But his campaign has failed catch fire, a point which has also been noticed by our friends at Voting Under The Influence, which called him as "the other guy running".

That characterization as "the other guy" may fit Bolchoz well. While Lord and Wilson are regularly seen at GOP events around the state, working the GOP faithful whose support they'll need to win, Bolchoz has been rarely seen at these kind of events.

Successful down-ballot statewide campaigns often are those who combine robust fundraising with good grassroots appeal. Wilson's signs, which pepper the state, demonstrate his ability to recruit grassroots activists to his campaign. Lord may not have Wilson's level of success in getting the grassroots, but unlike Bolchoz, he's continued working the GOP base at events around the state, and has shown some solid fundraising ability to boot.

Slowing fundraising, combined with the fact that he's seldom seen making campaign appearances, make it hard to see Bolchoz winning the GOP nomination come June.

17 Response to "Is Bolchoz really running for Attorney General?"

  1. Anonymous 12/4/10 10:02
    Hey Earl, needless to say I disagree with your view of my chances. But more importantly, where did you get that picture of me?
    I dont think I look like that but my wife says it is a spitting image.
  2. Earl Capps 12/4/10 10:08
    Our vast network of reporters and inside sources has been following you and took that photograph.

    That being the case, you still look better than I could hope to on my best days.
  3. PalmettoWatch Dog 12/4/10 10:15
    Hey Earl it's funny how you did not blog when Lord and Wilson failed to file in a timely manner for the end of the fourth quarter.
    I've seen this Bolchoz guy at Berkeley, Dorchester GOP events while you were grading papers. Lord has never ever prosecuted a criminal... wouldn't you want someone with experience being a criminal prosecutor if a member of your family became a victim?
  4. Robert's Odometer 12/4/10 10:16
    What events are you basing this on? Robert has been to a ton of events around the state in the past few months. he didn't make it to that one down in Beaufort that you went to, but that's about it as far as I can tell.
  5. Earl Capps 12/4/10 10:18
    Palmetto, that's funny because when he spoke at the Dorchester Breakfast, I wasn't there. Being the board member who was supposed to moderate the event, but couldn't that month, I should know.

    Try another lie on for size.
  6. Anonymous 12/4/10 10:25
    Earl, I remember when you were supposed to moderate the AG event and didn't show. Something to do with your work. Not sure why, but you've have to be there to be grading papers, wouldn't you?

    I've seen a lot more of Wilson at events than the other two. Not to say they're bad guys, even if they think that's what you're saying about them ...
  7. Anonymous 12/4/10 10:47
    Robert's sense of humor is appreciated, but I have to admit that I see you at a lot more Lowcountry events that I see him.

    Too bad at least one of his supporters has to be a jerk about it.
  8. Calhoun Fawls 13/4/10 00:13
    Bolchoz could not find the lower upstate with a chauffeur and a road map
  9. Anonymous 13/4/10 01:06
    Since when is 118 in a quarter a bad number? That total is more than a lot of the statewide candidates have raised in for the entire cycle!!!!!!!
  10. Anonymous 13/4/10 07:53
    0106, that's not bad when you compare him to the losers. but when you compare him to the other major contenders, it doesn't look good.
  11. Anonymous 13/4/10 13:16
    Which "other major contenders?" Which "other major contenders" in the AG race have even filed their reports on a timely basis yet?
  12. Anonymous 13/4/10 14:17
    I heard that he canceled twice for the Charleston GOP so far. That's not a sign of someone who is serious about things.
  13. Anonymous 13/4/10 20:48
    I certainly don't like it when candidates cancel events (especially consistently) but who can blame them for not showing up at GOP events over and over. County GOP events for the most part represent a very miniscule percentage of GOP primary voters.
    Candidates can get a lot more accomplished going to chamber of commerce events and the like.
  14. Anonymous 16/4/10 14:42
    I think it's interesting that you are saying Bolchoz is not a serious candidate because he raised $118K in the 1st Quarter, yet upon an actual look into Wilson's financial report, you'll see that he only raised $114K...the $364K is an inflated number because he took out a $250K who's running out of steam? Do better homework next time
  15. Earl Capps 16/4/10 15:09
    1442, I said his fundraising was declining and nobody is out there working for him.

    If you can dispute that, gather your facts, find your balls, put your name on it and present your evidence. Otherwise, blow me.
  16. Anonymous 10/5/10 23:49
    Take your meds Earl....get a life
  17. Earl Capps 10/5/10 23:55
    Anon 2349, I will if you start taking yours. Geez, I see more of almost any candidates than I've seen of yours.

    You've got some serious hatin' going on there.

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