The kind of "Infestation" you need

Yeah, we know Steve Benjamin got elected, but there's something more important happening out there that Blogland readers need to know about.

The new RATT album is out - Infestation - and it ROCKS.  Stephen Pearcy's back at the helm of the band, and this album is easily their best work since the 80s - and their first release at all since 1999.

They're hitting the road this summer and fall, and you can bet yours truly will be catching them. I saw their lead singer with his solo band project three years back and it was a great show. Carlos Cavazo, the long-haired blonde guitarist from Quiet Riot, is now with the band as well.

When we're talking about a RATT infestation ... if you have one at your home, this is what it may look and sound like:

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