Leading Ladies of State Politics in Columbia, Part 2

Part two of today's conference included a panel discussion on blogging and it's impact upon news and politics, featuring yours truly, SC blog pioneer and Democratic new media strategist Laurin Manning and the Mack Daddy of state political blogs - Will Folks.

In a freewheeling discussion, we shared our insights and experiences with the audience. Some of the most notable points raised were:

  • Three things not to do: Waste our time with non-news, be a hypocrite, or lie to us.
  • Agreed that bloggers are the news, but maybe not journalists.
  • Encouraged the audience that if they get into blogging, to find a niche and write about their passions.
  • Cautioned that anonymous blogs don't have much credibility, nor should candidates and campaigns respond to every post and comment on a blogsite.
  • If you or your candidate is getting attacked by bloggers, you must be a threat.
  • Don't sell yourself as a "great woman candidate", but rather qualify yourself as the best candidate without regard for gender.

As always, it's an honor and a great learning experience to share the stage with such great talent with such extensive background, as well as to engage in discussions with those attending the event. It was also an honor to get to speak to such a passionate audience and share ideas and experiences. Thanks to Deb Sofield and Barbara Rackes, as well as the rest of the Southeastern Institute for Women in Politics for their hospitality and a well-organized event.

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