Re-elect Representative Boyd Brown

With this op-ed, the Blogland makes history by endorsing a Democrat in an election.

In the Democratic primary for House District 41 in Chester and Fairfield Counties, voters have two candidates to choose from. With the lack of GOP opposition in what is an overwhelmingly-Democratic district, their pick will represent them in the State House for the next two years.

While the Blogland would rather people vote Republican, those whose consciences compel them to vote in the Democratic primary should do just that, and when they do, they should vote to give Representative Boyd Brown another term in the State House.

Brown has done well in his first term as a legislator, especially a legislator from the opposition party. Hard-working and outspoken, he's worked to make sure the concerns of his district are heard, as well as worked to address problems in the Fairfield County School District, long-known for producing some of the worst performances ratings among South Carolina public schools.

If Fairfield County is to ever benefit from the growing prosperity in nearby northeastern Richland County, it will require those who aspire for something better to take a stand. Brown's efforts to increase oversight over Fairfield County schools have not been well-received in some quarters, but he's remained steadfast in spite of those criticisms.

His opponent has had questions raised about his past and no real record of public service. Thus it is hard to determine what, if anything, he has to offer the residents of District 41.

When compared to Representative Brown's track record, the difference between the two candidates becomes clear. Giving Brown another two years in the State House is clearly the right choice to make

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