Recognizing PITA on Earth Day

It's a great day to celebrate Earth Day in the Blogland ... we recommend a steak pita in recognition of the occasion.

2 Response to "Recognizing PITA on Earth Day"

  1. west_rhino 23/4/10 09:27
    Pass the tatziki sauce!

    OTOH, is there an elected body that is serious about greener lighting? Any that recognize that LED lamps (which now are about as pricy as CFLs were, maybe 10-15 years ago), use even less energy than the vaunted CFLs AND are not a toxic/HAZWASTE problem for the homeowner?

    For the real investigative reporters, willing to admit trolling blogs for leads or not, is "GREEN" really just a scam with many innocents following the masked capitalist pipers downa primrose path? ...just askin'
  2. Calhoun Fawls 23/4/10 14:25
    I celebrated by getting ogn the tractor, cutting that grass to the ground and burning up gasoline for fun before enjoying a hamburger steak.

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