Silver Elephant Dinner #1: Opening

It's a full house here at the 2010 SCGOP Silver Elephant Dinner.

The event opened with the gubernatorial candidates. Andre Bauer opened, followed by Nikki Haley and then Henry McMaster. Gresham Barrett was unable to make it, with his flight grounded by the weather.

Bauer's comments followed off last night's discussion, saying "I'm not saying we can't help people. We all have tough times. Having grown up in a single parent household, I understand."

Haley attacked federal bailouts and praised Senator Jim DeMint, aski

McMaster appealed to his long ties in the SCGOP as its former Chair, recalling in 1994 when the GOP seized control of Congress, along with the State House. He encouraged attendees: "we've got 'em on the run ... we're gonna fight and we're gonna win".

More to come ...

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  1. mg 25/4/10 16:19
    I thought it was a pretty good event.

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