Silver Elephant Dinner #3: SCGOP Karen Floyd speaks

SCGOP Chair Karen Floyd followed a short break after the Sanford and Graham show, shifting the focus upon an SCGOP ready to go into the June primaries and the November general elections. She pointed out that statewide, the GOP recruited three times the candidates that the Democrats were able to recruit.

Floyd quoted current Mississippi Governor (and former RNC Chair) Haley Barbour's policy dictate, challenging the audience to "Keep the main thing, the main thing."

Floyd then introduced six former SCGOP Chairs to present the state GOP's first-ever Roger Milliken Lifetime Achievement Award to former SCGOP Chair Joe Edens, which Floyd said would be awarded to "the man who represents what being a Republican is all about".

Floyd then introduced former S.C. House Speaker David Wilkins who will introduce Karl Rove.

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