Silver Elephant Dinner #4: Karl Rove speaks

Introduced by former S.C. House Speaker David Wilkins, Karl Rove took the stage to address the Silver Elephant attendees.

After recognizing Sally Atwater, Rove gave three reasons for why he came to speak:

  1. Karen told me to come.
  2. I love South Carolina, particularly after 2000, when we won here.
  3. We've got to let nothing stop us from taking South Carolina this fall.

Rove followed by issuing three challenges to attendees:

  • They want Joe Wilson out ... and would love nothing better than to deal a blow to him.

  • While they're trying to pull a surprise on them, let's pull one on them by retiring Spratt.

  • Maximize your numbers in the legislature so you can draw the new Congressional district which is expected to come to South Carolina.
He reminded attendees that Obama who ran as a "relentless centrist" and claimed to be a "deficit hawk" who promised tax cuts for every household which earned less than $250K/year.

Rove then pointed out how the Obama administration ran their agenda by the Democratic leadership, saying "there are three parties: Republicans, Democrats and appropriators - guess who's in the majority", reminding attendees that unemployment and economic statistics were far worse than Obama had promised they'd get.

More to come ...

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