South Carolina Speed Traps

The Blogland is all out looking out for our readers, because we love them.

This summer a lot of our readers will be traveling the roads of the Palmetto State. Travel is plenty expensive as it is with fuel, lodging and food.

You don't need some small town's idea of "revenue enhancement" spoiling your summer fun, so that's why we're letting our readers know about the National Speed Trap Exchange, with listings broken down by state and towns.

You can check out reader reports about numerous South Carolina speed traps. We're sure our readers won't find many of the reports very surprising. Especially some of our favorite spots: Bonneau, Cottageville, McBee and Society Hill.

5 Response to "South Carolina Speed Traps"

  1. Calhoun Fawls 9/4/10 07:44
    Belton, SC is one. I actually know someone stopped there for doing 38 in a 35 zone.
  2. pluvlaw 9/4/10 07:53
    In my entire career, I have met exactly one cop who runs radar the way he was trained in the CJA's Speed Measurement Device Certification class. And he only did it right b/c he was his department's trainer. As far as I am concerned, if you don't run it in strict adherence to those protocols, it's no good.

    BTW, I expect all those who were offended by the idea of an expungement and pardon workshop to NOT read this post. Let's be consistent people: a crime is a crime is a crime.
  3. Earl Capps 9/4/10 08:26
    They don't have to. Most of those towns just write careless operation tickets, which net the town more money.
  4. Shannon Bazen 9/4/10 23:03
    Thank you Mr. Capps for this information. YOur blogs always seem to be interesting. The comments from the peanut gallery just add to it. It shows their interest in what you have to blog about too!!! KEEP THEM COMING!!!
  5. Anonymous 12/4/10 10:56
    Earl--from personal experience:Bonneau,Moncks Corner,Coward,Scranton and Lee County give new meaning to speed traps. Especially Coward, riding through there I feel like I am riding through Hazzard County and should keep an eye out for Boss Hogg and Sheriff Roscoe P. Coletrain...teg

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