VUI asks: "Explain it to us, Mr. Bolchoz "

Brian McCarty over at Voting Under The Influence is having fun with GOP AG candidate Robert Bolchoz' campaign contribution history, including a donation he made to none other that outgoing Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd.  But the fair guy he is, the discovery includes an opportunity for Bolchoz to explain the donation:

In 2004, Robert Bolchoz, of ING, gave liberal Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd $500 in Dodd’s re-election bid against a Republican candidate. According to Open Secrets, the general election contribution made by Bolchoz for Dodd was made on August 12th, 2004.

We're not going to get into editorializing on this one.  If you want to know more, you can read the rest of the posting for yourself ...

7 Response to "VUI asks: "Explain it to us, Mr. Bolchoz ""

  1. Anonymous 25/4/10 21:48
    What an ass.
  2. Anonymous 26/4/10 07:21
    Total RINO
  3. Anonymous 26/4/10 22:15
    We know who you support for AG, so stop shilling for Boy Wilson.
  4. Anonymous 10/5/10 23:45
    Do you just get up every morning to get off on bashing everyone but your own picks for office? Maybe you should look in the mirror before you post more irrelevant blogs. Why don't you just endorse Wilson and get over it.
  5. Earl Capps 10/5/10 23:53
    Then explain why the last write-up I did on this race was saying good things about Lord? Seriously guy, get a grip.
  6. Anonymous 13/5/10 21:56
    I'd say because you have a grudge against Bolchoz because he and former AG Condon prosecuted you and you can't stand that Bolchoz is running. Take your meds and leave it alone.
  7. Earl Capps 14/5/10 00:42
    Wow, anon, you sure are taking this stuff personally. So mind telling us what I was prosecuted for, since you know so much about me? Let's throw in some details, and maybe even your identity.

    This I can't wait to hear.

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