11 year-old topples House Speaker

The Blogland has become aware of reports that House Speaker Bobby Harrell may have been toppled from his post in the State House by an unexpected coup which put an 11 year-old at the Speaker's podium.

These pictures provide clear proof of Bonnie, the daughter of political blogger Earl Capps, presiding over the House late last week following a surprise turn of events in which not a single House member attempted to stop her from wielding the Speaker's gavel. In one picture, she is shown pushing a button which reportedly opens a trap door below offending House members, dumping them into the pits of eternal damnation.

In a scene in the the movie "Con Air", Nicholas Cage remarks on the sight of a sports car being towed through the air by a cable attached to an aircraft, suggesting that "on any other day that might seem strange". Given the recent string of strange events in state politics, we find ourselves thinking the same thing.

Stay tuned should new developments take place.

1 Response to "11 year-old topples House Speaker"

  1. Speaker's Mafia 22/6/10 16:21
    Don Bobby does not hurt children. He inflicts his wrath on their parents. For this act of disrespect, you shall be dealt with without mercy at a time of Don Bobby's choosing.

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