Comptroller candidate sees Gamecock flag over State House as "First Step"

Democratic Comptroller General candidate Robert Barber was reportedly looking at withdrawing from the race to resume his lobbying business, reportedly excited by the decision to fly the Gamecock flag over the State House after USC's recent sports victories:

This is great news that South Carolininans are coming to their senses about this gentlemanly sport and realize that there is nothing wrong with being proud of watching chickens fight to a bloody death. We can only hope this is a sign that we'll be soon be able to turn back the clock to the days when barns full of spectators can once more cheer on these prized animals pecking and tearing each other to death.

5 Response to "Comptroller candidate sees Gamecock flag over State House as "First Step""

  1. Anonymous 1/7/10 18:27
    As I've always said, there needs to be more lobbyists in state government.
  2. Anonymous 1/7/10 18:38
    Robert Barber opens a ChickFilA franchise of sorts: "Kill Mor Chickn"
  3. Anonymous 2/7/10 16:21
    Izzat James Island's favrit son, oops James Island's favrit son is Gene Platt, the poet and green party candidate.
  4. west_rhino 7/7/10 08:54
    Kickin Chicken anyone?
  5. Anonymous 7/7/10 09:05
    Earl, you say you heard the grim reaper will be endorsing candidates. Will he be supporting Barber this fall?

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