Meet Brandon Ancrum

Thanks to the Blogland readers who have called to inquire about the outcome of yesterday's bond hearing for Mr. Brandon Ancrum.

Mr. Ancrum has been charged with reckless homicide in the death of my brother. The judge found sufficient reason to pursue these charges and set a bond of $50,000, upon the conditions of him turning in his drivers' license and being under house arrest.

Should he make bond, he can only leave his grandmother's house in the company of an adult over the age of 21 for reasons of work, medical treatment, church, or legal appointments.
These pictures of Mr. Ancrum, captured from his Facebook page, show him flashing his gold teeth, a flashy watch, lots of cash, jewelry, and smoking something.

What a guy.  Definitely low-key, like the profile says ... uh, huh.

We don't doubt the sincerity of his family to keep him living within the terms of his bond, but we're not going to be surprised if he still breaks these rules.

7 Response to "Meet Brandon Ancrum"

  1. Anonymous 31/7/10 14:39
    Lets hope justice is served in this case. When my sister got killed in September by a young lady using a cell phone and ran across six lanes of traffic she was charged with failure to yield right of way. This was handled not only by the Highway Patrol but also the Attorney General office. It was reenacted twice by the law. The trial she was charge a hundred and something dollars. Her family was heart broken. She works for the Judge who happens to be my Nephew. It was a mess as you know. He had to remove himself from the case as he should have. Keep the pressure on.
  2. DTBLOT 1/4/13 15:06
    They need to light this little bastards ass up... give him 25 years!
  3. Eneils Bailey 2/4/13 19:29
    The system is broken and these dumb punks know it. This sub culture has no intention of ever abiding by the rules and laws that were intended to provide everyone with safe environment in this country.
  4. Anonymous 3/4/13 16:38
    Yall can say what tf yall want but at the end of the day he's innocent and the cocaine in the dead man system proves it, driving on drugs really? Smh ^^^ your right the system is fucked up and they play a dirty game. He's going to do his time and at the end of the day his child still has her father.
  5. earlcapps 3/4/13 16:54
    Anonymous people love to lie.

    My brother was making a legal left-turn. Mr. Ancrum pled guilty and did not contest the facts of the matter, which included two studies which showed him going well over the posted 45 mph speed limit: one had him going 85, the other going 95.

    It's a shame that the little girl has a stone cold killer for a daddy. She deserves better.

    For the next few years, your buddy will have a daddy of his own. Hope he enjoys every minute of it.
  6. Anonymous 7/4/13 23:18
    I'll bet you $20 bucks that the kid won't have a daddy. He just has a sperm donor and he'll be hit and run on that dumb broad when he gets out. She was dumb enough to think having a baby was going to save him from doing time and would keep her a man.
  7. Anonymous 17/5/13 15:58
    F it all earl f u

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