Where was Rob Miller today?

Today, a neighbor of 2nd District Democratic congressional candidate Rob Miller decided to do something to help disabled vets. So six-year old Jack Carter Worrell spent the day in the summer heat, selling lemonade.

While Jack was standing out in the summer heat helping veterans, Rob Miller was in Washington DC holding fundraisers with liberal activists and lobbyists helping ... well, helping himself.

As the picture shows, Jack was thanked for his efforts by Congressman Joe Wilson, who was in Miller's town while Miller was ... yep, raising money with liberal activists and lobbyists.  Who was he meeting with?  According to a release from the SCGOP, Miller's fundraising agenda for today includes events at:

  • Bryan Cave LLP, a gigantic law firm consisting of more then 1,000 attorneys who represent everyone from Big Business to government entities. Bryan Cave also owns two interesting subsidiaries. One is a DC-based lobbyist firm and the second company lists one of its services as "outsourcing,” meaning it takes American jobs and ships them overseas.
  • Salsa Labs, which provides computer software for online organizing and communications services to Far Feft groups as DemocracyInAction, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee's DLCCWeb and more.
Hanging with lobbyists and liberal activists or supporting veterans ... which would be your priority?

Jack's raising money for the Independence Fund, which helps disabled veterans. Their big fundraiser will be the Lt. Dan band, featuring Gary Sinise. They'll be playing in Beaufort in October.

We also want to thank Beaufort Representative Shannon Erickson, who will match every penny he raises by his efforts (so far, he's raised $300).

Wilson praised Jack's efforts:
I want to thank you for your help to the disabled veterans. You're doing such good work at such an early age. My father was a veteran, I am a veteran and all four of my sons are in the military, so I know how important our service members are.
We also talked with Erickson, who said Jack told her this was entirely his idea:

He's an exceptionally bright little boy with an entreprenurial spirit and a heart for the patriots of our country.
We understand that he'll be selling more lemondade on his street - Fraser Street - which is located right off SC 802 (Sams Point Road) in the Beaufort area. There's a map, so go find him and help him help our vets out:

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7 Response to "Where was Rob Miller today?"

  1. RH 9/7/10 08:09
    Only a shameless opportunist like Wilson would capitalize on this kids efforts. Talk to the folks around Beaufort about the level of constituent service they get from Wilson and you'll know why Rob Miller will win this fall. Tell you what, take all the Wilson's military service, combine it, and you might equal 1 week of Miller's combat service, maybe. Wanna talk about Liar Joes military service? Write a report on Joe's combat service. You can't. As a fellow (former) Marine officer I have spoke at length with Rob about his tours. Before you write another story about him, perhaps you should. Writing with knowledge lends credibility. If we want lies we will read FITS.
  2. Anonymous 9/7/10 08:15
    As always, HOORAY SHANNON for helping a good cause!
  3. Earl Capps 9/7/10 08:22
    RH, Joe was already scheduled to be in Beaufort and the meeting was arranged while he was down there. From what I understand, the publicity helped sell even more lemonade.

    Since you know him so well, you should tell your buddy to stop spending so much time with left-wingers in Washington and more time in the district, helping good causes. I'm sure a lot of the residents of the 2nd District would agree with me.
  4. Anonymous 9/7/10 11:12
    He's hanging with traitors in DC, which makes him one as well. Betraying his district and the principles he says he believes in. That's Rob Miller for you!
  5. Anonymous 9/7/10 12:05
    It's pretty obvious that RH doesn't have a clue what Joe has done for his district, especially Beaufort County and the LowCountry. Sure, some liberals want him to bring home more handouts and pork, so they can ensure that the people are dependent on gubbermint handouts, but Joe's priority is helping the people of Beaufort County not only expand their employment in something other than service and min-wage jobs, but in fighting for better infrastructure from the Fed DOT and elsewhere. Stop your blathering and try working with the man for even a week, and you'll know that he doesn't spend his time sucking up to liberal fatcats, but putting together his constituents with the people in Washington as well as each other to help themselves to progress and achieve - two words not in the Liberal Dictionary of Gubbermint Dependence.
  6. Anonymous 11/7/10 11:53
    I am a Marine with two Combat Action Ribbons and founder of the Independence Fund. On behalf of the severely injured veterans we support, we sincerely appreciate Congressman Wilson's support of 8yr. old Jack Carter's Lemonade Stand.  Any exposure brought to the myriad issues surrounding our severely wounded and their families is welcomed. We are grateful for the exposure brought to the Lt Dan Weekend, (www.ltdanweekend.com) as well.  Supporting the troops is an apolitical matter. We will welcome any support or awareness that Mr. Miller can bring to the issue and the Lt. Dan Weeekend as well. Our hope is that perhaps there exists a supporter, (individual or. corporate) of either Mr. Miller or Mr. Wilson who is as  altruistic as 8yr. old Jack Carter and who wishes to help us raise the remaining funds required to cover the travel, lodging and meal expenses for the 100 severely injured verterans and caregivers who will be coming to Beaufort for the event and the free concert being performed by Gary Sinise and the Lt Dan Band at Main Street Beaufort's Shrimp Festival.

    I can always be reached at 434-409-0506 or independencefund@gmail.com.

  7. Taylor B. 14/7/10 11:33
    I'm a volunteer with the Independence Fund and it really makes me proud that a young kid like Jack Carter is so willing to help out the men and women of our country who have given so much of themselves to keep us safe.
    What saddens me is that when approaching businesses (businesses that would likely not survive if it weren't for the three military bases located in Beaufort, SC) asking them to help raise money for our organization, they refuse. I know money is tight in our economy right now but we owe so much to these soldiers.
    Why do people have to wait to see a cute kid raising money for a good cause before digging into their pockets?

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