12th Circuit Solicitor Clements cutting deals with defense attorneys on murder trials?

Clair Chaffin was one of the "Greatest Generation".  He was a Marine who fought at Iwo Jima, living in Florida and enjoying his retirement, traveling on vacation.

While the death penalty seems the appropriate course of action, the Solicitor, Ed Clements, has chosen not to pursue it. But since Robert Lee, who we've been informed is his campaign manager, (pictured with Clements at a campaign event to the right), is the defense counsel for one of the accused killers, it seems like another example of deals are being cut - and justice denied once more in the 12th Circuit.

Two questions come to mind: 1) Is the life of an honored veteran so cheap to Clements? and 2) What kind of deal was made between Clements and Lee to spare his client the death penalty.

According to State Law Enforcement Division records, Davis has an extensive arrest record dating back to 2003 and has been charged with more than five felonies.

In September 2003 Davis was arrested by Florence police and charged with manufacturing and/or possession of narcotics with the intent to distribute, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute near a school, unlawful carrying of a weapon, possession of a stolen pistol, possession of a stolen vehicle and assault of a police officer while resisting arrest.

For both the misdemeanor weapon charge and misdemeanor resisting arrest charge, he was sentenced to 60 days in jail and court costs in March 2004.

In March 2004, he was sentenced to three years in jail suspended to six months for the stolen vehicle charge, a felony

We'd ask why someone like this can be on the streets in spite of a record like this, but when you're a Solicitor who is relying on those who defend killers to run his campaign, would you really expect locking career criminals up to be a priority? We hope the voters of Florence and Marion Counties ask that question as well.

11 Response to "12th Circuit Solicitor Clements cutting deals with defense attorneys on murder trials?"

  1. Shannon 13/8/10 10:22
    Does it surprise you that Clements didn't pursue the death penalty on this case? I can't remember the last time that he did pursue it!
  2. Anonymous 13/8/10 10:29
    Hhmmm ... maybe Clements needs a rate card so more trial attorneys can "invest" in his campaign?
  3. Anonymous 13/8/10 11:02
    Interesting that you go after Clements with such zeal but left Trey Gowdy and other Solicitors alone. Maybe Parham has you in her pocket?
  4. Anonymous 13/8/10 14:59
    Capps just wishes Parham had him in her pocket!
  5. Colleton GOP watcher 13/8/10 16:56
    Earl would have zero interest in Parham. It's not that he's gay, but as one who goes to events around the state, I have seen him in the company of more than a few women, including some rather amorous conduct. There was one a couple of years ago he was really smitten with, from the looks of things.

    But while Earl has never said it outright, his attraction to fuller figured women is rather obvious. Thus Parham, while quite an impressive lady, would never be on his list.

    But as he avoids talking about personal issues on the blog, he'll never admit it.

    But we can tell - and if it keeps him going, more power to him.

    Rock on Earl!
  6. Earl Capps 13/8/10 17:14
    Anon 1029, if you read this blog long enough and didn't have crap for brains, you'd know I do NOT blog for hire. If you can prove otherwise, let's see some proof, not just pussy-whip anonymous sniping.

    As for Colleton ... I won't comment about my personal life, but darn, you really have taken notice, haven't you?
  7. Colleton GOP watcher 13/8/10 17:37
    Earl, I noticed you didn't deny it either. Whatever happened to that dark-headed one who was around you a couple of years back?

    Always see you at these things, but I never get a chance to say hello.

    After "outing" you like this, you'll probably slug me.
  8. pluvlaw 13/8/10 19:46
    Holy Cow...That's Dr. Neal Thigpen! I guess he's hanging out with low-life criminal defense lawyers too.

    Oh the humanity...
  9. Anonymous 13/8/10 23:31
    Earl-please tell me your not going to try and match Will on love life stories now...teg
  10. Anonymous 14/8/10 00:46
    I am impressed that with a video confession he was able to get a guilty plea. So what is gona happen to the dude that shot three rounds and missed?
  11. Earl Capps 14/8/10 05:08
    Tommy, it's an idea. Bloggers have gone from being losers who live in mom's basement to bad-ass sex fiends. I guess I need to get with it?

    Colleton, not to fear. I still refuse to comment about your allegations. But I'd take one from the swamps of the Pee Dee before Argentina any day.

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