Congrats to Wes Donehue!

When Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) shouted at President Obama during an address to a joint session of Congress, a beefed up online presence became an overnight necessity for Wilson. In the aftermath of “You lie,” Wesley Donehue helped Wilson raise more than $2 million in just two weeks as Democratic activists led by and ActBlue started successfully raising money online for Wilson’s challenger. Despite facing an initial fundraising deficit, the Republican caught up, surpassing the online haul Democrats were able to generate. “I really have grown to love the tech stuff,” says Donehue, who also helped build Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) online presence into one of the largest for a sitting Republican Senator.

Donehue says fellow Republican new media consultant David All introduced him to the emerging technical side of politics while working on Republican Mike Bouchard’s 2006 Senate campaign.

At 30, Donehue just opened Donehue Direct, his own consulting firm with a focus on new media and technology. “You tend to see a lot of Internet guys with just Internet backgrounds,” says Donehue. “But I come from the grassroots and campaign side, so I like to think we offer something more comprehensive.” Based in his home state, Donehue says he’s already had some discussions with potential GOP presidential candidates about that all-important South Carolina primary.

2 Response to "Congrats to Wes Donehue!"

  1. Anonymous 9/8/10 11:04
    Donehue is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    He makes his money by stirring up trouble and offering up "providing solutions," not by actually wanting to see things improve in South Carolina.

    His type is what's held our state back for decades.
  2. Wesley Donehue 9/8/10 22:44
    Earl - thank you for the kind blog post.

    Anon - you can call me at 843.460.7990 if you'd like to discuss my view on South Carolina. Thanks.

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