Dem hopes to offset GOP House seat surge coming up short?

Democrats admit that they're going to lose a lot of House seats this fall, while a lot of polling suggests that the balance of power in the House could come down to just a few seats.  The Democrats hope to hold onto the House by mounting a strong defense of their seats to cut losses, and then aiming to pick up 4-6 GOP held districts where Democrats have favorable numbers.

Their hopes mostly focus upon winning four GOP-held House seats in Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois and Louisiana. But news suggests that some of these pickups may be tougher than projected, with HipHop Republican reporting that the incumbent Republicans in two of those seats leading for re-election:

If Democratic efforts to turn these traditionally-Democratic seats come up short, the key races like the ongoing battle between Mick Mulvaney and John Spratt will become even more crucial to the battle for control of the House in November.

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