Ed Clements: More Hazzard County-style politics on the job

12th Circuit Solicitor Ed Clements just doesn't seem to know where to draw the line between his job and politics. The way we see it, he's starting to look like the Pee Dee's own version of Boss Hogg.

Though we're sure that the folks of Florence and Marion Counties wouldn't be too pleased to see how he does campaign business on the clock.

A while back, FITSNews busted him using his county-issued vehicle for blatant campaign purposes. Then we find that he's even using his office for campaign activities.

This time, he's listing the Solicitor's office as his campaign's businesses location on his campaign disclosure forms, which we found in the online campaign finance report filings:

Clements, Edgar L III
180 North Irby St, MSC-Q
Florence, SC 29501
Florence County

We're not sure if he knows where the lines are drawn regarding using taxpaper resources to win and hold office, but if this is what's turned up about him already, we're sure there will be more to come ...

17 Response to "Ed Clements: More Hazzard County-style politics on the job"

  1. Anonymous 2/8/10 14:24
    If you bothered to look at the form it doesnt ask for your campaign address it seeks demographic info.
    "Demographic Information

    Clements, Edgar L III
    180 North Irby St, MSC-Q
    Florence, SC 29501
    Florence County"
    Maybe their form needs to be more precise. But I guess you simply wanted to stir up something that wasnt there.
    IF you really thought there was an ethical violation then report it.
  2. Anonymous 2/8/10 14:28
    And here is his opponent's info:
    Her home address?? Certainly not her campaign address.
    "Demographic Information

    Parham, Rose Mary
    2657 Ascot Drive
    Florence, SC 29501
    Florence County"

    Could it be possible that the question wasnt exact on the form?
  3. Earl Capps 2/8/10 14:28
    So maybe this is the address he is trying to claim as his home address? If so, where is he registered to vote?
  4. FACTS ARE FACTS 2/8/10 15:47
    Good question, Earl. Where IS he registered to vote? I would like you to find that out and share it with all of us. And yes, ANONYMOUS, we will report it because we do believe it most definitely IS an ethical violation. SO, if ANONYMOUS will telling me where to report it, I will do that ASAP.

    I also would like ask EVERYONE to look at the "facts". Look at the records and what has Clements accomplished for the citizens and victims in Florence and Marion Counties. Has he done everything he could have done? Is he playing politics with the position? Is he an advocate for the law and the victims? Has he taken the easy plea bargain to get a conviction or clear the docket? How often has he gone after the maximum sentence for offenses? Has he been willing to take a long shot in court because it was the right thing to do? What is his true relationship with law enforcement?

    THEN look at Rose Mary Parham's record as U.S. Attorney.

    Facts are facts.
  5. FACTS ARE FACTS 2/8/10 16:18
    All public employees, public officeholders, and public members are expected to adhere to and follow the Rules of Conduct as outlined in the Ethics Reform Act. Anyone who is found guilty of violating these rules is subject to prosecution by the State Ethics Commission and the Attorney General's Office.

    SECTION 8-13-765. Use of government personnel or facilities for campaign purposes; government personnel permitted to work on campaigns on own time.
    (A) No person may use government personnel, equipment, materials, or an office building in an election campaign. The provisions of this subsection do not apply to a public official's use of an official residence.


    Sounds like if you READ the Ethics Rules of Conduct, you would KNOW that your RESIDENCE is the address to be put on ANY ETHICS FORMS.

    Comments there?
  6. Anonymous 2/8/10 16:48
    last time I volunteered for the parham campaign...I did it at her house. they had her dining room table set up as election central, computers, phones, files, etc. unless I missed something her campaign hq IS at her house. Where is Ed "Boss Hog" working from-the solicitors office?
  7. Anonymous 2/8/10 16:50
    The Boars' Nest.

    So who is Florence County's Bo and Luke ... and who is Daisy Duke?
  8. Anonymous 2/8/10 16:52
    Yal should stop picking on poor ed. He just can't get his assistant solicitors to help him do these kinds of things. Instead of beating up on him why not help him? You all are a bunch of mean Republicans beating up on a poor helpless democrat.
  9. Anonymous 2/8/10 17:21
  10. Concerned 12th circuit voter 2/8/10 17:54
    No one is "picking on poor Ed". I personally believe Ed Clements is a man who knows exactly what he is doing, and knows he has friends who will support him at any cost. This is a VERY SERIOUS election for victimized families, for victims, and for criminals sitting in line to have a day in court. SERIOUS and blatant ways Mr. Clements has disregarded the Rules of Conduct in this entire campaign are not a joke. It is prudent, thorough and necessary to learn all the FACTS of the 12th Circuit Solicitor's race. If you call a consciencious voter a "mean Republican", then all I can say is YOU NEED FACTS. Readers see the facts, so your labeling Republicans,Libertarians, and victims who want to see justice in the courtroom as "mean", well there is another example of lack of FACTS. You assume something so you call names. That is mudslinging. Sharing facts and documenting links to substantiate every fact Earl Capps has set forth is a voter's wise decision. You need to study the candidates before Election Day, not afterwards. This is a VERY important race, especially to those of us who have been victimized and watch the victims scoot through on plea bargains. We need a proven leader, therefore, we STUDY THE FACTS.
  11. DaisyDuke 2/8/10 18:16
    Yal talkin' about lil ole me??? I knew you boys were missin me. Here's a lil something for you...



    Daisy Duke :)
  12. Flash 2/8/10 18:39
    yal better stop messin wid my frin tha boss "ed" hogg. he da singin man. boss ed feed me and let me git away wid all kindsa bad stuff dat roscoe not know about. I luv ed he my frin cuz he sing me purdy songs every nite and we howl at da moon together. i goin to da jail 2 find us some hot chics in daisy dukes... yo frin, flash
  13. Roscoe P Coletrain 2/8/10 18:54
    This is Roscoe P. Coletrain, reporting for duty. I am on the scene at the Boars Nest and there does not apprear to be any Boss "Ed" Hogg campaigm business going on here. I have not been able to locate the usual suspects but I will continue to check in as I verify the 20 of the usual suspects, one Boss "Ed" Hogg and one Flash the hound dog. 10-4 Over and Out.
  14. Beaaregard "Bo" Duke 2/8/10 19:39
    Yee-Haw!!! I am havin' a blast listnin to this stuff about the Boss. I had no idear he could SANG! Yee-Haw! When I get to the Boar's Nest, I'm gonna put in a special request for my cousin Daisy. (some song about seeing her shorts?) Honestly, as the good guy here in Hazzard, gotta do whatcha gotta do to deal with the Boss. He don't like nobody breaking rules but him! Yee-Haw! Makes me wanna fire up The General Lee now and do some 360's...
  15. MR. B. SERIOUS 2/8/10 19:46
    I do not understand how this can be such a joke. This is SERIOUSLY an issue. An issue of TRUST, and a race that will impact our 12th circuit citizens. I have also worked with Rose Mary Parham's campaign before, and I too sat at her dining room table. That IS her campaign location. So, the question is, if Ed Clements put his address on the form as his office, is that where he runs the campaign? Of course, he KNEW when filling out an ETHICS form, that this was not the right information, if he knew the Rules of Conduct. Or do he just think he was above the Rules (and therefore he is now being compared to a little fat bald lying man...OK, that is serious). Can we hear from a Democrat and a Republican who can talk about how the Rules of filing Ethics Reports are vital to getting the general public to trust you? Let's here that instead of relive Hazzard County and The Dukes of Hazard. If this continues, I do demand a pin-up of Bo Duke with his next post! (now THAT is a joke! ha ha)
  16. Roscoe P Coletrain 2/8/10 19:56
    This is Roscoe P. Coletrain reporting for Duty. Reports from our neighboring Sheriff in Marion county are that Boss Ed Hogg was spotted hanging out at the offices of one General Robert E. Lee (campaign manager/defense attorney). Thats all for now. Reports not clear as to Flashes 20.
    Roscoe P Coletrain, over and out.
  17. Flash 2/8/10 20:02
    duh coletrain. told ya I was goin to da jail to pick up chics for me and boss. yo frin- flash

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