Happy Birthday & Happy Birthday

Today, the Blogland is going to celebrate two special occasions: the fifth anniversary of the Blogland and my daughter Bonnie's twelfth birthday.

Of course, yours truly acts younger and less mature than either of the two.

We'll be celebrating at the Sly Fox, hanging out with two of South Carolina's sharpest and coolest politicos - Democrat Phil Bailey and Republican Wes Donehue - for another episode of Pub Politics, which is the most happening and informative program about South Carolina politics.

You should be there, and if you want additional exposure for your candidate or business, talk with Phil and Wes about sponsoring an episode of the program. The equipment and expertise to air this program isn't cheap - but it is cheaper than picking up my bar tab.

2 Response to "Happy Birthday & Happy Birthday"

  1. Rebbi Rhino 6/8/10 09:15
    So we've a year til the bat mitzvah, nu? ;-)
  2. Anonymous 6/8/10 10:26
    Happy Birthday Bonnie...teg

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