J.C. Hammer plays the race card - again

Looks like J.C. Hammer ... ummm ... Congressman Jim Clyburn ... can't help but inject race into ongoing ethics investigations at Capitol Hill:

Two long-time African American U.S. House members, Charlie Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California, are facing pending ethics trials. In total eight African American members of Congress have been targeted for investigation since 2009. Appearing on MSNBC Monday, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina was asked if he thought black congressmen were being unfairly targeted. Leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus has suggested that they were.
Seriously, we think a real ethics investigation would likely snag dozens of Congressmen faster than Clyburn could say "you can't touch this". But before Clyburn wants to talk high-and-mighty about the ethics of public officials, maybe he should ask one of his employees who he hired right out of federal prison:

Rickenbaker in center
The former Orangeburg County councilman who served a year in prison for bribery and extortion has asked a judge to cut short his three-year supervised release.

In a letter filed with the court Monday, John Rickenbacker told a federal judge that his work as a constituent liaison for U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn proves that he can stay out of trouble.

Not surprisingly, Clyburn, who feels black people can't be criminals because only racism motivates investigations, offered a great excuse for why hiring Rickenbaker was no big deal:

I don't see where anybody can make political hay out of this. Abramoff was stealing millions of dollars from Native Americans. This is nothing akin to that. [Rickenbacker] was not soliciting anything. He got caught in a sting. It's totally different.

So being involved in a sting where you're caught committing a crime isn't really a crime?  Then we suppose that conspiring to sell the county hospital was really all about improving the quality and affordability of rural health care in the region and that the arrest was just another racist conspiracy, right?
That hiring was defended by none other than current SCDP State Chair Carol Fowler, who recently has attempted to raise concerns over the ethics and condcut of Alvin Greene, the Democratic Senate nominee.

It's always funny when the likes of Clyburn and Fowler do their best to pretend to be the pots calling the proverbial kettles ... well ... you know.

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  1. Anonymous 3/8/10 11:45
    Jimmah tha Dhimmi gotta remember, Pelosi will thro he unna da bus too to keep her seat.

    Right that, that Nan gurl don' want no uppity black folk, specially if they know where her dirt be...

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