John Spratt: The Cover-up continues

It seems these rules don't just apply to joint appearances with State Senator Mick Mulvaney, Spratt's challenger.  According to FITSNews, it is a standard policy that Spratt will not allow anything he says to be documented:

U.S. Budget Chairman John Spratt gave a speech earlier this month bashing private accounts for America’s debt-laden Social Security system – a concept he supported in the not-too-distant past.

Of course what’s noteworthy about the embattled Congressman’s latest adventure in flip-flopping on this issue isn’t so much the Democratic talking points he regurgitates in this speech, it’s the way his handlers are continuing to limit public access to the fourteen-term incumbent. In fact, as Spratt was about to begin his address on Social Security, an attempt to videotape his remarks was shut down by one of his handlers.

“You’re not authorized to do that in here,” Spratt’s communications director Wayne Wingate scolds a would-be videographer, making a beeline toward his camera.

In addition to the budgets which his committee won't be writing, much less passing, this year, it begs the question of what else John Spratt has to hide.

2 Response to "John Spratt: The Cover-up continues"

  1. Anonymous 26/8/10 09:26
    Don't tell us that Spratt now claims to have done Nikki too...

    Janet Reno, Nancy Pelosi or Cynthia McKinney, I could believe, but not Nikki.
  2. Anonymous 26/8/10 21:17
    It would be easy enough to get a transcriptionist into the audience.
    My guess is that because all conferences will be used as protest venues (by Teapublicans who wouldn't vote for him under any circumstances) he doesn't want to hand them a photo or audio op.

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