Pub Politics comes to the Lowcountry

With the legislature out of session, the Vista isn't always a hotbed of political insight this time of the year, so Phil Bailey and Wes Donehue are hitting the road with their must-see program, taking Pub Politics to the Lowcountry, and teaming up with the Conservation Voters of South Carolina for a banging beach throw down.

This Thursday's episode will be at the restaurant at Bowen's Island. That's one of those islands on Folly Road (S.C. 171) between James Island and Folly Beach. It's also home to perennial Democratic candidate Robert Barber, who's challenging incumbent GOP Comptroller Richard Eckstrom.

The event will be sponsored by the Conservation Voters of South Carolina, Shady Umbrella and Bowens Island Restaurant, and the broadcast begins at 6pm.  Democrat Tyler Jones will join Wesley as host while Phil is on vacation. Charleston area State Representatives Mike Sottile (R) and Anne Peterson Hutto (D) will be the guests.

We'll be there - and so should you!

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  1. Anonymous 10/8/10 10:01
    Isn't Gene Platt the real perennial, old school Democrat from James Island?

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