The Ride of the Four Horsemen

It was a week of revolution in America, five months into the Obama administration and the week of the first TEA parties. The winds of change were beginning to blow across America and throughout South Carolina. 

That was when four very different types teamed up and became known as "The Four Horsemen of the Political Apocalypse" : 6th District GOP Chair Tommy Grimes, Clarendon GOP Chair Moye Graham and bloggers Mike Reino and Earl Capps. Sharing their love for politics, BBQ, and beer, they teamed up to declare war on Democrats, bad BBQ and boring political websites, while often meeting at a secretive location on the shores of Lake Marion.

While some say South Carolina politics would be forever changed by what happened next, others called them riff-raff and said they were doomed to failure and eventual obscurity.

But we'll let you judge for yourselves with this secret video which, according to confidential sources, shows the Four Horsemen at one of their secret lake-front gatherings ...

Some sources say the lineup on the video was Earl Capps on bass, Tom Grimes on lead vocals, and Moye Graham and Mike Reino on guitars. Reports of groupies from around the state could not be confirmed, as many vanished, with reports that more than a few went into witness protection. But one looks a bit like current SCGOP Chair Karen Floyd.

Stay tuned as the Blogland follows the trail of doom that follows in the wake of the Four Horsemen of the Political Apocalypse ...

4 Response to "The Ride of the Four Horsemen"

  1. mg 31/8/10 16:10
    We have got to rescue our boy. Plans next weekend.
  2. Anonymous 31/8/10 16:50
    MG, I take it we are meeting at the slough?? Besides I need some real BBQ from the D&H! I might even bring my son and my future daughter in law, so they can have a true Santee experience...
  3. Anonymous 1/9/10 07:36
    When are you going to come clean about Haley?
  4. mg 31/12/12 09:21
    Had to go back and check this one out. Forgot about it.

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