Rob Miller: The Truth is Top Secret has long been known as a group which picks ideological agendas to suit its political agendas. In their efforts to bash former President George W. Bush and elect Congressional Democrats, the organization, which was founded to defend former President Bill Clinton, decided to jump on the anti-Iraq bandwagon, in the best of the hypocritical "born again" tradition of political converts who claim to have seen the light.

But in reality, they have just seen the polling numbers and want to win.

MoveOn, not really caring about supporting the troops or telling the truth, engaged in a high-dollar attack campaign against General David Petraeus as he was being put in charge of military operations in Iraq, accusing him of being involved in a cover-up for a military operation that was doomed to failure.

In his effort to say anything and do anything to get elected to Congress, it makes perfect sense that Democratic 2nd District congressional candidate Rob Miller and MoveOn would prove to be a match made in heaven - judging by the nearly $400,000 they've put towards supporting his efforts to win the congressional seat.

When confronted about this unholy alliance by retired Marine General James Livingston, a Vietnam veteran and Medal of Honor recipient, Rob Miller seems to think he's back in the military, which may explain why he seems to have classified his relationship with MoveOn as "top secret":

"These contributions that were discussed, these are individual contributions from Republicans, Democrats and independents who, like the majority of South Carolina, understand that Joe Wilson represents everything that is wrong in Washington today," Miller said.

It wasn't clear if he would return the money.

Miller, who served in the military,should understand that you don't lie, misrepresent the facts or support those who use foreign policy as a political tool or insult the integrity of our troops just to score political points. But since he's willing to do whatever it takes to win, it makes sense that he'd align himself with a group like MoveOn, which cares far more about winning than doing what's right and honorable.

Which says a lot about who Rob Miller has become, and should speak volumes to Second Congressional District residents come November.

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  1. Anonymous 10/8/10 09:22
    So where is the cockfighting money for Miller or are they still being directed to Robert Barber?

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