Robert Barber HAD a posse?

Last week saw the results of a massive cockfighting sting operation as three people were sentenced to prison for their roles in organizing the fights. A husband and wife in Lexington County were sent to prison for their roles in leading major cockfighting rings. Pelion natives, Wayne and Sheri Hutto, were sentenced to a year in prison and given a $3,000 fine for running one operation.

One day later, Buster Moore of Andrews was given a 21-month sentence for leading a ring in Williamsburg County that was tracked by undercover agents for almost a year. Twenty other people received either probation, fines or both for their parts in the illegal sport. Most of those sentenced were referees or money collectors. The existence of the two rings was revealed by Attorney General Henry McMaster in December.

What we want to know is how many of these people knew Robert Barber, who was once hired to lobby for cockfighting interests?

If Robert has - or had - a posse in the cockfighting world, odds are it's a little smaller now.

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