S.C. Issues Survey, Part Two: Response from Rep. Phillip Lowe

Following yesterday's Blogland article reporting on the survey sent out by Florence State Rep. Phillip Lowe and Beaufort State Rep. Shannon Erickson, Rep. Lowe shared with us the tabluated results of the surveys which were returned from registered voter households across his State House district, which includes parts of Florence and Sumter Counties.

We want to thank Lowe, who we've featured in the Blogland, for sharing these findings with us. According to his constituents, law enforcement, immigration, cutting government back to its core functions and setting higher standards for those on public assistance were among the top priorities among his constituents:

The core responsibilities of government are: (in order of importance)
  1. Law Enforcement
  2. K-12 Education
  3. Sewer, water, roads
  4. Local government
  5. Universities and Tec
  6. Prison, juvenile, probation
  7. Medicaid
  8. Welfare
 How would you deal with budget shortfall?
  • 81% Spend only what is available
  • 81% Eliminate most agencies that are not core functions
  • 66% Targeted cuts
  • 55% Across the board cuts
  • 34% Issue bonds
  • 26% Raise user fees
  • 11% Increase taxes
Other than raising taxes and fees, what else would you like to see done to balance our budget?
  • 94% Require able bodied welfare recipients to work
  • 62% Privatize government services
  • 50% Furlough days for state employees
  • 49% Early release for non-violent criminals
Should SC do the following?
  • 92% Pass an Arizona style immigration law
  • 90% Require welfare recipients to pass a drug test
  • 84% Use tax credits to attract new industry
  • 73% Fight for the rights of the unborn
  • 71% Drill for natural gas
  • 71% Use tax credits for to support renewable energy
  • 69% Make all agencies report online

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