What does John Spratt have to hide?

Some may remember Congressman John Spratt's brutal 1994 campaign, in which he tired of hostile crowds and began to avoid debates. That year, he prevailed by a mere 2,000 votes.

As he's falling behind GOP challenger Mick Mulvaney in polls of likely voters, Spratt has decided to debate publicly, with the first scheduled event taking place in Lake Wylie before the Lions Club on September 7th.  Not surprisingly, the event filled up quickly.

But what most attendees don't know should concern them.  According to inside sources, Spratt's "Chicken Rules", which were his pre-condition for participating in this event, will keep the event from being documented.

Spratt's handlers informed the Lions Club membership they would agree to let print media cover the event, but insisted that no television media be allowed inside and the event cannot be recorded. It was reported to us that many of the members resented Spratt's ultimatum, but agreed in order to get the event to happen.

We encourage our readers to test Spratt's resolve to cover his rhetorical tracks by attending this event with video recording devices.

So when you see the yellow sign, you know John Spratt may be crossing the road. Try not to hit him.

2 Response to "What does John Spratt have to hide?"

  1. not chikin george 20/8/10 10:22
    WWRSD (What would Rod Shealey Do)? Beside having someone videoing the Spratt folks video taping Mulvaney, video taping Spratt anyway and having, for the TV media, someone in a chicken suit prancing outside the venue.

    FWIW, does the no recording include those nice little digital recorders and smart phones some of the press has been using of late to capture exact quotes?

    What says The Smoking Gun?
  2. Anonymous 22/8/10 06:51
    This is another example of why Mr. Spratt must go.

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