Wilson charges ahead to re-election with "Cut The Fat" tour

While his fall challenger has been hard to find on the ground, 2nd District Congressman Joe Wilson has been charging full-steam ahead in his re-election bid, leaving nothing to chance.

On the heels of his "Joe Means Jobs" tour, he's kicked off a series of campaign BBQ events, where Wilson serves up the pork to audiences and talks about the issues that matter across the Second District.

On Saturday, the Blogland caught up with Wilson at an event next to the flea market in Neeses, a well-known gathering place situated in a rural town in Democratic Orangeburg County, where a full house of enthusiastic supporters greeted Wilson, including a number of local politicos.

Instead of engaging in the kind of long political stump speeches usually associated with these kinds of events, much of Wilson's stump time was used to take questions from the audience on a wide range of issues including taxes, spending, immigration, economic development and agriculture.

It's interesting to see Wilson aggressively campaigning across the district while Rob Miller, his Democratic opponent, is seldom seen or heard. In spite of strong fundraising, much of it from out-of-state sources, which should free him up to hit the district, Miller seems to have taken a more low-key approach to his campaign, avoiding the kind of high-volume grassroots voter outreach that Wilson has made the centerpiece of his summer campaign strategy.

If what we saw in Saturday in one of the bluest areas of the Second District is any indication, Wilson is thriving on hitting the road, leaving no stone unturned, and rallying plenty of support in even the toughest areas of the district. It's hard to see how Miller can overcome this.

We'll be bringing you a video of a short interview we had with Wilson a little later this week.

2 Response to "Wilson charges ahead to re-election with "Cut The Fat" tour"

  1. west_rhino 16/8/10 10:47
    Recalling that there was quite a mushroom business in Neeses, I'd conclude that Joe isn't keeping them in the dark and feeding them manure...
  2. mg 17/8/10 22:54
    Up here in Prince George British Columbia they got some big old mushrooms west-rhino. Don't know it they will work or not. Hey Earl this place really shows up on your recent visitor log.

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