Johnny Heff, Ladder 11, FDNY

On the morning of 9/11, Johnny Heffernan was a father, a husband, a guitarist in The Bullys, a NYC-based punk rock band and a New York firefighter.

In two weekends, his band he'd put together several years before was set to play a show at Manhattan's Contential Club. The band had developed a growing following, playing larger venues and attracting fans, including early punk pioneers such as Deborah Harry of Blondie, Fear's Lee Ving and Joey Ramone

Johnny Heffernan, known as Johnny Heff on stage, had a more important performance to put on that day. Heffernan and his fellow firefighters rushed to the World Trade Center, where he was one of those lost when the second tower fell.

Whatever Bin Laden and his thugs sought to tear down or silence on that day, they failed to do so. Since then, the bad guys have been mostly rounded up, the World Trade Center is slowly being rebuilt and his old band is still together, playing shows and putting out new albums.

Here's the band playing with Heff on 1/10/2001 (cue at 4:00)

... and the band, still rocking at a concert memorial for Heff on 9/4/2009

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