Rep. Anne Hutto foreclosure alert

If you happen to reside at 688 Fort Johnson Road on James Island (located in the heart of House District 115) and are renting a house from State Representative Anne Peterson Hutto, you might want to start packing your stuff and looking into getting your rent deposit back - and quick.

According to papers filed with the Charleston County Clerk of Court and provided to the Blogland, Aurora Loan Services filed for Foreclosure on this property (10-CP-10-2961), owned by Rep. Hutto and her husband David, just days after one foreclosure action against the couple was resolved (09-CP-10-3031).

We know that's not Hutto's residence, as her legislative bio has her living at 659 Oakfield Drive on James Island.

Let's hope that Hutto's mismanagement of her money doesn't extend to her business practices, even though we suspect it does.

3 Response to "Rep. Anne Hutto foreclosure alert"

  1. Anonymous 20/10/10 09:05
    Not surprising! Maybe after her two-year political career is over, she can focus on paying her bills!
  2. Anonymous 20/10/10 16:34
    You would think that since she is charging her campaign $500/mo in rent in her office she could use that to pay her bills!
  3. Anonymous 21/10/10 11:35
    I guess she's not found a way to play the Rangel game and use state funds to cover her morgages

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