Alvin Greene for President

Greene, the unlikely Democratic Senate nominee in South Carolina who lost overwhelmingly to Republican Sen. Jim DeMint last week, called the state Democratic Party on Tuesday to ask how much it would cost to run for president.

“Maybe. I’ll have to see,” Greene told POLITICO when asked whether he was considering filing to run for president. He confirmed that he called the state party Tuesday to ask about the fee. The state party’s spokeswoman, Keiana Page, confirmed that someone called the party Tuesday asking about the presidential filing fee but said that the caller did not identify himself.

1 Response to "Alvin Greene for President"

  1. west_rhino 10/11/10 11:59
    And the Dems are claiming the the GOP is serving up laughing stock fodder for (Commie) Comedy Network joke writers? OY!

    Write in Alvin Greene to replace John Land!

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