Glenn McCall to seek SCGOP Chair?

This morning, RNC Committeman Glenn McCall confirmed to the Blogland that he is considering entering the race to replace outgoing SCGOP Chair Karen Floyd.

At the present time, our sources have also indidcated that Columbia attorney Todd Kincannon, a former SCGOP Executive Director, and Newberry businessman Chad Connelly, who lost a 2003 State Senate primary to Senator Ronnie Cromer, are also looking at running for the seat.

Stay tuned ...

7 Response to "Glenn McCall to seek SCGOP Chair?"

  1. mg 13/11/10 15:06
    I am friends with both Glenn and Todd. I would support either one of those guys.
  2. Anonymous 13/11/10 21:54
    This would be a very good thing for the GOP in SC
  3. Anonymous 14/11/10 13:10
    Glenn is a true conservative and a gentlemen who would bring a tremendous amount of credibility to the post. I hope he is interested!
  4. Anonymous 14/11/10 13:45
    Go Glenn GO!
  5. Anonymous 15/11/10 10:29
    Earl--with Karen's departure, the list of contenders/also-rans/pretenders is rather lengthy. I think what we may see is enough candidates to fill a Wrestlemania battle royal...teg
  6. west_rhino 15/11/10 10:48
    We are blessed with a depth of talent that needs to be used and developed as the old heads move on and up.

    So, if Glen's up for State Chair, who's likely for Executive Committeman?
  7. Anonymous 15/11/10 23:57
    Glenn is a nice fellow, but I don't think he "gets it" the way the chairman needs to.

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