Karen Floyd not seeking a second term as SCGOP Chair?

The Blogland has learned that SCGOP Chair Karen Floyd will hold a press conference this afternoon to announce her decision to not seek a second term at the helm of the state party.

This decision, on the heels of a major sweep in last week's elections, has caught a number of people that we've spoken with off guard, especially since SCGOP Chairs typically hold office for two to four terms, including the last three: Barry Wynn, Henry McMaster and Katon Dawson (who complains we never say anything nice about him). Those who want to succeed Floyd will have six months to campaign to replace her at the May 2011 convention.

So who might want the job?

One name that has come our way is Todd Kincannon. Kincannon is a Columbia attorney who served as former general counsel and executive director for the state party.

We've also been told that former SCGOP Executive Director Tony Denny may be looking at getting into the race.

It's uncertain if Kevin Hall, who dropped out in the 2009 Chair race due to health concerns, will attempt a second bid. That will likely depend on how well his new law practice is going and, of course, what his doctor has to say.

Patrick Haddon, the current SCGOP 1st Vice Chair, is another name who is sure to draw attention, but his attacks on Joe Wilson have not endeared him to many Republicans, especially those in the Midlands and Alan Wilson's sizable army of supporters around the state.

Just when you thought South Carolina politics was about to enter a post-election slumber ... stay tuned as this develops ...

4 Response to "Karen Floyd not seeking a second term as SCGOP Chair?"

  1. west_rhino 10/11/10 11:55
    Hmmm... no Trophy Mouth Beltram and no Mosteller, both of whom ought to follow Brer Rabbit and "lay low and say nothin'"

    Probably not seeking, but servicable, Tommy Windsor and Trey Walker... TW2? would do yeoman service, but I think a tech savy young gun, maybe out of the YR stable might be the best choice. is young Mr Baroody from the Florence area an option?
  2. Anonymous 10/11/10 16:32
    Sorry Rhino-but Mitch has made some serious missteps that take him out of the picture and Earl I have no comment on this until I have had a chance to talk to Karen...teg
  3. west_rhino 11/11/10 15:49
    teg, we've had a few young studs manage to have some serious missteps that lead to a need to "lay low and say nothin", til they've proven themselves.

    'course Kahaly's out of the picture too, but in a higher profile way.
  4. GOPInformed687 11/11/10 19:12
    West_rhino- Very interesting suggestions..while I think Mr. Baroody is a charismatic and engaging individual, I haven't heard or seen much of him in some time. My guess is, he found a real hobby or either he got into the wrong crowd in the Florence GOP and has gone quiet as a result.

    As for who could take over, I don't believe Tommy or Trey is the guy...I really think Glenn McCall is likely the next leader if Todd Kincannon isn't vetted..personally, I think the party is going younger and Todd would be a great choice.

    Other possibilities: Cindy Costa, or what about the chairwoman in Spartanburg, Ladonna Riggs?

    There are some great choices out there, it will be interesting to see who steps up or better yet...who is thrown in.

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