Polling shows strong support for Contract From America

Earlier this week, well-known GOP pollster Frank Luntz reported on the results of a survey of voters which solicited their opinions of the Contract From America, which the Blogland has endorsed. The results of this survey, which was sponsored by Freedom Works, showed strong support for the Contract, even from swing independent voters. 

The survey findings also cautioned that voters expected a Republican majority to work to produce results on those issues, and that many would consider supporting a third party if the GOP didn't keep its promises to reduce and reform the federal government.

When incoming House Speaker John Boehner promised "our new majority will be prepared to do things differently... to take a new approach that hasn't been tried before in Washington ", he'd be wise to pay attention to the findings of Luntz' report:

Keeping in mind that the GOP wave was built with a coalition of core Republicans and more independent voters mostly concerned with fiscal issues, Luntz' findings separate respondents into these two groups to see if there are ideological dividing lines between the voter blocs, but finds support for Contract items high among both groups.

Polling showed that self-identified swing voters overwhelmingly supported each of the specific Contract items, from a high of 76% who supported spending caps (11% against) to a low of 58% in favor of the "defund, repeal and replace" approach to national health care (21% against). Not surprisingly, support for Contract items from self-identified Tea Party supporters was even higher.

Important things for the GOP leadership to keep in mind as they return to Washington.
Substantial American majorities support an agenda that:

-- Balances the budget through meaningful spending reductions (70% support)
-- Eliminates earmarks and wasteful spending (69% support)
-- Prevents looming tax increases on all Americans (61% support)
-- Instills constitutionally accountable government (60% support)
-- Rolls back and replaces the government takeover of healthcare (54% support)

Guess what? These and additional broadly supported policies are the exact terms of the “Contract FROM America,” drafted from the bottom up and voted on by Tea Partiers across the country. It’s a Contract that grassroots activists have used to hold candidates accountable throughout 2010… and will continue to use to hold Washington accountable far beyond.

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