Race on for State House Majority Leader?

They're not even waiting for the votes to be counted before jockeying for leadership positions at the State House.

Beaufort Rep. Shannon Erickson has announced her candidacy for the post currently held by Kenny Bingham (R-West Columbia). Erickson is presently the Chair of the House Republican Women's Caucus and, like Bingham, is unopposed on today's ballot.

Bingham is expected to seek another term as well, barring a possible move to replace outgoing Speaker Pro Tem Harry Cato (R-Traveler's Rest), a race which presently has only one candidate - Rep. Jay Lucas (R-Hartsvlle).

According to sources we've spoken with, both are committed to what one described as a "clean, fair race for the seat and not against each other".

We're sure there will be more to follow on this ...

2 Response to "Race on for State House Majority Leader?"

  1. Anonymous 2/11/10 11:50
    So it's Bobby Harrell vs Ralph Norman and Kenny Bingham vs Shannon Erickson...

    Erickson won't have the "Haley appointment safety net" to keep her from leadership retaliation like Norman - what's she thinking???
  2. Anonymous 4/11/10 08:15
    Welll, the upstate isn't happy with Don Vito Harrel's reign, so can he accept mouse, er house whip?

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