So this is what "change" is all about?

As Barack Obama talked about "earning the respect" of foreign nations and ending pay-to-play politics on the campaign stump, it's a little puzzling that his approach to solving the Guantanamo prisoner problem comes across as more pay-off politics and heavy-handed treatment of our allies:

Slovenia, seeking a meeting with President Obama, was encouraged to “do more” on detainee resettlement if it wanted to “attract higher-level attention from Washington”; its prime minister later “linked acceptance of detainees to ‘a 20-minute meeting’ ” with the president, but the session — and the prisoner transfer — never happened. 

Please note that Slovenia, the nation having its arm twisted by the White House, is a member of NATO, the United States' foremost political and military alliance.

Buying foreign favors and snubbing allies to clean up the mess made by short-sighted Presidential policies sure sounds like the kind of thing that Candidate Obama said he'd never do.

But we guess that's what they call "change"?

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