Vote Tomorrow - or Today - and then go have some fun!

The Blogland wants to give everyone who has been working their butts off to support their candidates a hand for a job well-done. Republican, Democrat or anyone else, y'all have all shown us what you're made of. Win or lose, once the votes are counted and races are decided, be proud of yourselves and the work you've done.

Many thanks also goes out to the many Blogland readers who've sent in story leads and tips that resulted in many of these stories, endorsements and op-ed pieces. It's been a pretty wild ride this year, and we have you to blame.

Watch for live election reports tomorrow night on both the Blogland website and the Blogland twitter feed at "BloglandEC".  But as many of you are tired and are sick and tired of Election 2010, the Blogland is going to make your life a little more peaceful by taking the next forty or so hours off.

I'll be in work meetings all day today and most of tomorrow, but will be in Columbia Tuesday night for election night parties. I hope to see some of you out there and meet you in person - even those of you I didn't always agree with - so if you see me out and about, be sure to stop me to say hello (or F*** you, whichever works). If you want me to drop by your event, email me at

2 Response to "Vote Tomorrow - or Today - and then go have some fun!"

  1. June Brailsford 1/11/10 15:34
    Thanks Earl. Thank you's are always appreciated. You deserve a big thank you for providing valuable information.
    Hope to see you in Clarendon County 11 November.
  2. Richard B. McCarty 2/11/10 03:35
    The McCarty for Governor campaign will be watching returns in "The Barn" in Honea Path after the youth football team I coach is finished with their game.

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