Jeff Duncan's energy mission

The Politico named Third District Congressman Jeff Duncan as one of ten House freshmen to watch on the subject of energy:

Jeff Duncan (S.C.) — The incoming Natural Resources Committee freshman wants to help boost the panel’s profile when it comes to energy issues. Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) lost his bid this year to swipe energy jurisdiction away from the Energy and Commerce Committee, but Duncan said there’s plenty of room for the Resources panel to get more active on energy issues by opening up federal lands that are currently off limits to energy exploration. “Let’s further explore the Outer Continental Shelf,” he said. He’d also like to see legislation to expand nuclear power and energy production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

This isn't surprising news to the Blogland - but it's certainly welcome news.

As we pointed out in our primary endorsement, the Clinton native put a solid emphasis on promoting this issue during his candidacy for Congress, recognizing the role his region played in energy R&D and production. The DoE's Savannah River Site is in the district's lower end, as well as a number of hydroelectric power plants and a nuclear power plant.

This issue is a natural fit for Duncan and his district, as progress on this front can benefit his constituents while promoting greater energy independence for the entire nation.

Given his early efforts to deliver on this campaign promise, we look forward to his involvement on this issue in the years to come.

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