Another turn in State Senate 16 special election

The race to fill the Senate seat vacated by Congressman Mick Mulvaney took another turn today.

We've been informed that former State Senator Greg Gregory (R-Lancaster), who gave the seat up two years ago, will be entering the special election contest for the seat. Gregory was courted by Lancaster County politicos after Hugh Mobley decided to pass on the race to ensure the county had a resident Senator.

With that news, State Representative Deborah Long (R-Fort Mill) has decided not to run for the seat.

Many observers expect Gregory, who took the seat for the GOP in 1992 and faced only token opposition during this tenure, will be a favorite to win the seat.

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  1. JChas 3/1/11 23:58
    I have heard possibly 2 dems are expected to switch parties in the house shortly, neal in lancaster and anthony in union, any word on this earl?

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