Dem young whippersnappers

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Gerald Seib observes that the freshman class in the U.S. House has noticably shifted the age differences between Republicans and Democrats in the chamber, with the average age of Republicans dropping nearly two years and rising about the same for Democrats:

The House of Representatives won't undergo merely a partisan change when the new Congress convenes on Wednesday. It will, in many ways, undergo a generational change as well.

A new and younger set of Republicans lawmakers will move in when their party takes control of the House. Perhaps more important, the change also will empower a new and younger set of Republican leaders who will run the House—and who figure to be in positions of power within their party for years, if not decades, to come.

So much for the Dems trying to capture the younger voters. It seems a little hard to appeal to the youth vote when your party's average House member is eligible for Social Security.

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  1. RandyM 6/1/11 17:00
    Not only younger, but eight of those new congressmen are recent military, more than doubling the number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans serving in the House.

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