Happy Birthday to Eric Bedingfield

Blogland best birthday wishes go out to Greenville County State Representative Eric Bedingfield.

Eric already gave South Carolinians a great gift by playing a key role in the victory of Congressman Mick Mulvaney over former Congressman John Spratt, so be sure to take a minute or two to return the favor by wishing him a Happy Birthday!

Here is what one of our readers had to say about Eric:

Eric ran an almost flawless campaign. Everything on the Democratic side of the aisle was arrayed against him: money, people, research, experience. That's the Washington team I'm talking about, not just the local folks. And he beat them at every turn.

When the 2012 Presidential Candidates start trolling SC for political consultants, Eric's name will be on everybody's list. And you will simply not be able to count out whomever hires him. He's that good.

- Congressman Mick Mulvaney

1 Response to "Happy Birthday to Eric Bedingfield"

  1. Jeff Betsch 31/1/11 23:46
    Happy Birthday to Eric. He was a pure pleasure to work with during the campaign last year. He is tireless in his efforts in all he does. There is never anything done half way.

    He serves his district with honor, He servers Mick and the people in District 5 with Dignity and he is a wonderful father to his family.

    I am honored to call him friend..

    ~ Jeffrey Betsch (Winnsboro)

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