Hell didn't freeze over yesterday

... but to those attending the inaugural, it may have felt like it.

Governor Haley took the oath of office yesterday, taking the helm of a state in a crisis. Political gridlock from the infighting that marked the Sanford administration combined with broken economy leaves a very difficult year. She acknowledged the likely coming fiscal crisis as federal bailout funding ceases in her address. We expect that the hole will be deep indeed, and that solutions will be difficult to reach.

Haley's agenda of restructuring state government, holding the line on taxes, promoting economic development and education improvements are all good ideas, but the devil will be in the details. The Blogland has supported Haley's agenda in the past, and hopes to be able to support her agenda going forward.

Last year was a bitter year, but it's time to rise above that and look forward. Haley says she won't stand for continued infighting and gridlock, and we suspect that many share that view. We hope she will take a pro-active role in building relationships built upon trust and respect, and use those relationships to lead this state through the continuning tough times and work to develop and implement solutions.

Haley referred to her family's immigrant heritage, being rightfully proud of how they were able to come to this nation and make a new start. We hope that, in that tradition, she will forge ahead into new country during her tenure as Governor and help a state which is looking for a new direction and new opportunities.

When she says she hopes that even the media will be forced to report good news because things are going so well, we hope she gets her wish.

We also wish peace for her family during her tenure in office. Life in politics is tough enough on families in good years, but what has transpired in the last 18 months has landed hard on the families of this Governor and the last one. While others have found this fodder for discussion, the Blogland has refrained from joining the circus - and will continue to do so.

It's time for constructive ideas and real solutions. Bitter cynicism and vicious personal attacks have no place in this state's ongoing political dialogues.

There's a lot to do, but it's not always up to Governor Haley and the Legislature. What happens in the next four years is up to you, so get involved and make your voice heard.

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