Joe Wilson cleared in ethics inquiry

Based on OCE's (Office of Congressional Ethics) own acknowledgements in each of the six referrals, the committee concludes that there is insufficient evidence to determine with any degree of certainty that any one of the members were provided an amount of per diem (expense money) that was not necessary for their respective trips,' the ethics committee said in a report.

In Wilson's case, the ethics committee's staff disputed earlier findings by the OCE that he should have reimbursed the U.S. Treasury for the costs of 16 'hosted' meals he had received during three trips in 2009.

1 Response to "Joe Wilson cleared in ethics inquiry"

  1. west_rhino 10/1/11 09:08
    Of course, no banner headlines from an "impartial press" that howled about it and continued to mutter it as beign more damnable than the Rose Law Firm's billing records...

    Oh well, knowing SC politics, it will be part of the trite libel and slanders raised in 2012 by opposition in the General election, if Congressman Wilson chooses to run and the US is still around then.

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