NLRB threatens action against South Carolina over secret ballot referendum

The Blogland has received a copy of a letter from the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board to Attorney General Alan Wilson threatening legal action to block the implementation of the secret ballot state constitutional referendum.

In a letter asking Wilson to "take voluntary measures to ensure that the Amendment not be ratified" and provide a "judicially sanctioned stipulation concerning the unconstitutionality of the Amendment", Lafe Solomon, acting General Counsel for the NLRB informs Wilson that he has been authorized to bring an action against the state to prevent the amendment from being enacted into law.

A copy of the letter is provided for your review.

1 Response to "NLRB threatens action against South Carolina over secret ballot referendum"

  1. Pegasus66 15/1/11 11:18
    Please, no favors for unions in this state. Our South Carolina residents are individuals and deserve to have their state protect their Constitutional rights. If the Federal Govt. won't do it, then the individual states must. AG Wilson should allow this to go forward to ratification, then defend against the NLRB with everything we've got! We are a Right-to-Work state and proud of it.

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