Dem backlash over House 64 primary vote?

The Blogland has received several reports of threats, some of the obscene and angry, floating around Clarendon County in the wake of last Tuesday's upset defeat of Clarendon County Council Chair Dwight Stewart, a white Democrat, by Manning Mayor Kevin Johnson, a Democrat whose ancestors were brought from Africa in bondage (so no, he's not white, as if skin color matters).

Some of the threats revolved around articles published in the Blogland - for which we don't apologize.

One of those threats came in a phone call to yours truly, which was pretty funny. It's happened before, with some of the threats in considerable detail, but nobody's touched me yet. Threats which have included reporting about classroom locations and dismissal times, threats to get me fired, run out of state, etc.

But I'm still here, and I'm not going anywhere.

Our message to the folks in Clarendon County is this: whether you're a Republican voter who helped upset Stewart by voting in your own party's primary - where you should be voting - or a black Democrat who voted, for the first time ever, to nominate a non-white candidate for a major office in your county, take pride in what you accomplished. Don't let little people with angry or shallow words detract from the real meaning of what happened Tuesday.

Clarendon County politics took a major turn in the last week. Some people don't like that, while others were empowered for the first time. We think that's a good thing, and in the long run, you'll realize it was a good thing as well.

3 Response to "Dem backlash over House 64 primary vote?"

  1. Georgetown conservative 20/2/11 10:14
    Earle maybe you should call your close personal friend Jamie Sanderson. He is very adept at mindless threats like those you have received. He is a union wanna-be thug who likes to threaten people with violence and pickets. He and his buddies were responsible for bunches of flat tires as they threw nails on Highway 17 during one of their strikes. Typical liberal, socialist democrats. Stay strong Earle and thanks for what you do.
  2. mg 20/2/11 14:28
    I certainly have had my share of threats since the election. I have also touched base with my lawyer and he has advised me on this matter. I have also touched base with my Political Adviser on this and I am still here. I am mad as hell for sure. We did something Tuesday that had never been done before in Clarendon and I was fortunate to be part of it.
  3. jed 21/2/11 13:30
    Sounds as if this is a reason to have citizens have to be a meber of a political party to vote in the primary. This would prevent independents from voting where they like in any primary and disrupt the wishes of the people that are actually supportive of a Party. It would also halt the cry, made by Clyburn and others that members of one party voted in the other party election to spoil the wishes of that Party.

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