Happy Birthday to me

Yours truly will be turning 40 tomorrow. We were warned this day was coming, but wow ... it's another when that day actually arrives.

But who says we have to grow up?

We'll be celebrating Blogland style all day and night long. Stay tuned for pics from the event - and possibly a request for bond money.

4 Response to "Happy Birthday to me"

  1. pamhood 4/2/11 14:05
    Happy Birthday.. and many more. I trust the celebration will be awesome and the bond low. Pam
  2. mg 4/2/11 15:47
    Happy Birthday
  3. The Byzantine Rambler 5/2/11 09:07
    Happy Birthday and Many Years, Earl!

    As I'm still healing from the car crash and without transportation I can't be with you today, but you are in my prayers with sincere hopes that despite the rain it is a joyful and memorable day of peace and love for you and yours.

    Fr T
  4. west_rhino 7/2/11 08:55
    Belated HB, though You and Charlie Thompson, both one day short of Reagan...

    ...the truth is out there somewhere.


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